Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rifts Planes Of Telara - Factions And Races

The Guardians are the chosen of Telara's gods, the Vigil. The other factions are the Defiant, who do not care about the Gods and are more interested in technology. Two factions with three races and customizable soul trees give unlimited options for players to create a character for their style of play.

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Planes of Telara innovates the MMO genre in a lot of ways but, without a solid foundation, all of that innovation is pointless. The foundation in RIFT is made up of interesting people living in a world full of dangers. Two factions live in the RIFT worlds and each faction is made up of three races.

The races in the Guardians are the Dwarfs, High Elves and Mathosians. The opposed side of the Defiant is completed by the giant Bahni, the Kelari and the human-like Eth.

The abilities of each race depend on the choice of character a layer makes. All races use the same Rift soul trees and with the use of travel abilities and elemental resistances, the player can tailor the character to their exact play style.

On the Guardian side, Mathosians gain an ability to step-up the movement speed of nearby party members by 30% in short bursts and have a passive increase of 20 to Death damage. The High Elves increase life resistance by 20 and are able to take flight and "jump" a decent distance at a higher rate of movement, while the Dwarfs increase water resistance by 20 and are able to fall farther without taking any damage.

The Defiants have a slight difference in their travel abilities. The Bahmi have the ability to jump long distances, equal to the High Elves flight and increase air resistance by 20. The Kelari are able to increase their fire resistance by 20 and can transform into a fox to avoid attacks by monsters. Lastly, the Eth can increase their running speed by 70 and are able to withstand fire more, similar to the Mathosians.

With Rift, the choice of starting race is much less important than the choice of the players Rift soul trees. Usually the travel buffs are never used in battle. To get the most fun out of the game it is important to base the choice of character on personal preference and gaming style, rather than looking for the best ability in a character. Once the choice of character is made, it will last throughout the whole game, unless the character dies at some stage.

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