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Rifts Planes Of Telara - Factions And Races

The Guardians are the chosen of Telara's gods, the Vigil. The other factions are the Defiant, who do not care about the Gods and are more interested in technology. Two factions with three races and customizable soul trees give unlimited options for players to create a character for their style of play.

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Planes of Telara innovates the MMO genre in a lot of ways but, without a solid foundation, all of that innovation is pointless. The foundation in RIFT is made up of interesting people living in a world full of dangers. Two factions live in the RIFT worlds and each faction is made up of three races.

The races in the Guardians are the Dwarfs, High Elves and Mathosians. The opposed side of the Defiant is completed by the giant Bahni, the Kelari and the human-like Eth.

The abilities of each race depend on the choice of character a layer makes. All races use the same Rift soul trees and with the use of travel abilities and elemental resistances, the player can tailor the character to their exact play style.

On the Guardian side, Mathosians gain an ability to step-up the movement speed of nearby party members by 30% in short bursts and have a passive increase of 20 to Death damage. The High Elves increase life resistance by 20 and are able to take flight and "jump" a decent distance at a higher rate of movement, while the Dwarfs increase water resistance by 20 and are able to fall farther without taking any damage.

The Defiants have a slight difference in their travel abilities. The Bahmi have the ability to jump long distances, equal to the High Elves flight and increase air resistance by 20. The Kelari are able to increase their fire resistance by 20 and can transform into a fox to avoid attacks by monsters. Lastly, the Eth can increase their running speed by 70 and are able to withstand fire more, similar to the Mathosians.

With Rift, the choice of starting race is much less important than the choice of the players Rift soul trees. Usually the travel buffs are never used in battle. To get the most fun out of the game it is important to base the choice of character on personal preference and gaming style, rather than looking for the best ability in a character. Once the choice of character is made, it will last throughout the whole game, unless the character dies at some stage.

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Exclusive Guide to the RIFTS Planes of Telara

To save the world of Telara from destruction, two factions emerged: The Defiants and The Guardians. The game begins in choosing a faction. After selecting a faction, you then select a calling "The Warrior", "The Mage", "The Rogue" and lastly "The Cleric". Each calling has sub-classes which they call "souls". Along the journey, player is given the option to manage up to three souls. From here, a whole wide range of decisions has to be made. And you needed the best guide to assist you to select the best option. The Rift Guide compiles everything. If you wish to gain high-end edge over other classes and class alike, you will surely like this manual. Show your combat prowess, win battles, earn more gold, speed level your character, and STAND OUT!

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What to expect in this RIFT Strategy Guide?
• Top Level Your Character - Fast, Fun and Easy!
• Full Length Section on Equipment Guide
• Obtain Massive Amount of Gold: 'How to'
• Tactics for Group and Solo-Play
• PvP Strategies Against Other Calling
• Intensive dungeons and raiding techniques
• Essential Details for Important Quests

- Strategies for Leveling Your Warrior - It is to no surprises that crossing each level carries certain levels of difficulty and gaining access to the top is no easy. If you are a dedicated gamer and wants to be the most powerful player in the Planes of Telara, you would want to pay attention to tactics and strategies covered in this manual. This essential book will teach and discuss you everything from basic game play to the more sophisticated strategies of magic and weaponry.
- Complete Reference for Equipment - This game offers a vast lists and index of armors, weapons, gears and items. To honour your chosen class, you must know lots of equipment combination and equip your character with these items to boost their unique abilities. And it is vital that you know the right combinations and set-ups to bolster your performance. To make it more exciting this manual reveals you where and how to obtain rare drops and items.
- Make Gold Tactics - Set your hands off these gold making strategies so you'll never have to worry about money and you can squander it to purchase the most expensive items your gold can buy.
- Strategies for Solo and Group-play - Rift, just like any online games, is also about solo and doing raids with parties. Fully experience Rift doing both solo and group play using top-rated strategies. Rifts in Telara appear when planes of reality interfere with the ward protecting Telara. This damaging rifts needs sealing, and is only done so by multi-stages. You can seal these rifts by first going through stages alone. As you level up, a full and huge party may be called in order to finally seal the vicious rifts. You need a comprehensive guide to perform efficiently during solo fights and or standout in groups.
- Strategies for PvP's - Expert gamers shares PvP tactics in this Rift strategy manual. With top-end, top-rated, best tips, hints, tactics and strategies you can successfully beat different callings with powerful defense system.
- Dungeons and raids - Win boss fights and acquire rare items, you can only do this by going through raids. Enter lairs and dungeons with confidence. This Rift guide share gamers all essential details about almost every lairs and dangerous spots.
- The Quests - This manual will reveal to you what are the important quests to complete. It also shares gamers step-by-step guidelines on how to successfully and quickly complete each quests.
- Guide Updates - Of course, the updates of this guide is TOTALLY FREE. You will be notified when an update is published. You can easily download it through logging into your account.

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Rift Planes of Telara: The Warrior Class Guide

A massively multiplayer online role player game is to be released on early March of 2011. This new game encourages catastrophic events that threaten to demolish the world of Telara. Within this game, every player of varying characters will have to decide which destiny they would align themselves to be with. There are two factions in this game; both aimed to save Telara from destruction and both desired to undermine the other.

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The main goal of each faction is to stop the rifts from spawning powerful monsters, to eradicate their existence, seal the rifts and destroy its deadly energies. But rifts open anywhere, at anytime and the world needs brave people to end this calamity. The faction that you decide to join with will define the role you will play in the game. The primary decision during character selection will greatly affect how a player will play the rest of the game. Thus it is crucial that you know what you want to be at the start of the game, so as to decide the right decisions.

It is wise to employ Rift Planes of Telara Guide to ensure that you are making every right decision while you are journeying the Planes of Telara. This comprehensive and detailed hot lead will give you a thorough knowledge that you will immensely need in making important decisions about how you would want to play the RIFT game. Without a good guide, you might wind up associating into a faction you do not agree with, or playing a character that would not allow you to play the way you wished it to be played.

In addition, a player must also decide what calling your character would be and what souls you would want to fabricate. You have the liberty to pick one out of four callings: The Warrior, The Mage, The Cleric, and the Rogue. Your choice will determine your general style of playing and your class choice will settle your specific abilities and skills. In each calling there are nine different classes to choose from. The Rift Planes of Telara will allow you to manage up to three souls. You will get your initial soul at the beginning of the game, and as you progress in level and in experience you will be allowed to gain the other two. This comprehensive guidebook will help you make these decisions and will guarantee that you will have an extreme fun sealing rifts, killing monsters and fighting against another human player.

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Best Rift PvP Class in Planes of Telara

If you are looking for the best PvP Rift class, then look no further than the Warrior calling. Whether you want to play solo or in groups, this class should be your top pick for PvP play.

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In particular, the Riftblade and Void Knight make a powerful combination that can beat any class in the game in a 1v1 match-up. It literally has no weakness, even after a series of nerfs which have been designed to make this class easier to defeat.

This class is so strong because the Void Knight is an anti-caster specialist and the Riftblade is an anti-armored specialist. When you put the two classes together, you have a class that takes little damage from physical and spell attacks, can drain mana, and do significant amounts of elemental damage.

It is the best class versus Clerics and Mages because it has a variety of magic-damage shields and can drain mana while dealing significant amounts of damage. No class in the game has the same level of mana drains that this ultimate Rift PvP calling has.

Additionally, the Riftblade class does great damage while using plate and a shield. This is a problem because not only does it make the Warrior the anti-caster but it also makes it the anti-melee. It also allows Warriors to equip large amounts of stamina and mitigation gear.

Due to the decent, sustained damage output of the Riftblade (even after recent nerfs), players simply are unable to compete with this class in a one-on-one match up. The Riftblade will easily finish off a player long before the player is able to put a dent in their massive HP pool.

As a result, no class is capable of beating the Warrior in a 1-on-1 fight. This is what makes the Warrior the best PvP class in Rift.

Many players like to say that the Bard is overpowered and that it is the best class in PvP. The only reason someone could come to such a conclusion is if they have not yet played the game past level 19.

Sure, in the first tier of Warfronts (level 10-19), Cadence seems to be very, very good. It allows Rogues to dish out decent damage while healing the entire group for 10% of their max healthy every 2-3 seconds.

However, fast-forward to level 40, and everyone's HP pool has increased by 3-4 times, but the damage of cadence has only doubled. Before you would get a 10% heal from Cadence and now you only get a 5% heal. By cutting this ability's effectiveness, the Bard's healing quickly goes from overpowered to hardly noticeable.

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Rifts Planes of Telara Guides

An online role playing game is unlike any other type of game because there is not one set way to beat the game. There is not s schedule or path to follow that will take you to the completion of the game. Rather, there are a series of rifts, or cataclysmic events that happen within normal game play that will affect your character. the Rift Planes of Telara Guide will not tell you how to deal with each scenario, as that would be impossible, rather the guide will give you the skills and abilities that you will need to be able to react to each rift.

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As a player within the dynamic world of Telara you will be able to experience a constantly changing world that offers a variety of options for every player that navigates the world. When you first begin to play the game you will be confronted with a series of choices that will effect how the rest of your game turns out. The first of these decisions is which faction you will align yourself with. You can choose to fight against the power of the rifts and try to seal their destructive power forever, or you can choose to learn about and study the rifts in an attempt to harness their power to use for your own gain. Depending on your decision, the scope of your game play will change. The Rift Planes of Telara Guide will help you make this difficult decision.

When you begin to play the game of Rift you will also need to make the decision of which calling and which class you will play as. When you decide on your calling you will be able to choose from one of four callings: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, or Rogue. Each of these callings will give you a unique game play experience. Depending on which calling you choose you will also need to choose a class to represent you. Each of the callings have about five or six different classes that you can choose from. The Rift Planes of Telara Guide will help you make this decision.

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Rift Planes of Telera Gameplay

SettingRift is an MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Telara, which is the focal point of different planes (worlds). Through the actions of the death god Regulos, these worlds have now invaded Telara, causing rifts to open. Opposing Regulos are two factions: the Guardians and the Defiants. The conflict between these two factions serves as another source of tension and gameplay. Players have the role of Ascended: resurrected soldiers whose task is to defeat the forces of Regulos and cleanse Telara forever of his threat.[4]

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Guardians are those who follow the way of the Vigil, the gods of Telara. They include the high elves, the Mathosians (a race of humanoids), and dwarves. Guardian ascended were resurrected by the Vigil after dying during one of the earlier conflicts with Regulos. Players who choose Guardian fight and die against one of Regulos' commanders, only to be brought back at the beginning of Rift.

Defiants are those who put their trust in technology as a way to conquer the forces of Regulos. They include the Eth (a race of humanoids), the Bahmi (resembling giants), and the Kelari (resembling dark elves). Defiant ascended were resurrected after a cataclysmic battle that has all but decimated Telara. At the beginning of the game, players who choose Defiant are sent back in time from this point to the beginning of Rift, allowing them to fight alongside the Guardians.

[edit] RiftsRifts are areas of elemental instability that represent the intrusion of elemental planes into the land of Telara. Once opened, these rifts begin to spawn monsters that proceed to march towards important points on the map. It is then up to players to defeat these monsters and to close the rift. If rifts are left unchecked, the invading monsters will eventually conquer large portions of the map, killing and significantly impairing the players in that area. Entering the area surrounding the rift will trigger a prompt that allows the player to join a public group, rather than forcing the player to manually create a group. Players sealing the rift are rewarded for many things including healing, attacking and buffing. The severity and locations of the rifts are entirely dynamic. Rifts of six different types (earth, fire, air, water, life, and death) are possible, and rifts of different types will oppose each other. In addition, Non-player characters hostile to the player may engage rift invaders.

[edit] Character Customization[edit] ClassesEach character chooses between four different callings: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, or Mage. Each eventually gains access to nine (when counting the pvp soul each calling can get) different 'souls' from that calling, which have trees to which they can allocate a number of points gained each level. Rift's soul trees have two levels: branches, which are the specific abilities/bonuses that the player allocates the points to, and roots, which are the soul's base abilities that are unlocked as the player allocates a certain number of points into the branches. All races may become all classes.

The soul system allows players to customize their characters to a high degree. The player chooses three souls from within their calling, and allocates earned points into talent trees for each soul. A player wishing to tank may select justicar for its defensive properties and ability to heal the group as it deals damage, sentinel to increase his healing capabilities, and shaman to increase his melee damage output (thus increasing the amount of damage-based healing and threat generation). A character may have both justicar and sentinel, but have more points allocated into sentinel than justicar, and then choose warden as the third soul for its burst damage and heal-over-time spells, to make the character more of a healer than a tank.

Players may also keep up to five different soul configurations (called roles), which may be activated whenever the player is not in combat, meaning a player can switch from a healer to a damage dealer as the group needs. Because the player's abilities come from the points allocated in the soul trees, two roles that share no souls will literally have no abilities or bonuses in common with each other.

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